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An enclosed 3 acre paddock with small agility area for private hire

Over the years we have adopted wonderful rescue dogs.  Some of our dogs came to us  with anxieties that made it stressful for them to have contact with people and dogs they did not know.  This made it difficult for them to relax and enjoy public places.

There are many reasons why it is  important for there  to be somewhere dogs can be exercised without strangers or other dogs being able to approach them, and where a dog can be off lead without fear it could run off. 

With this in mind we are delighted to offer for hire a fully enclosed 3 acre paddock situated in beautiful Wiltshire countryside.  A place people can relax and enjoy time with their dogs.  A safe environment to practice skills such as recall and heel work, to engage dogs in stimulating games, or to just let dogs off lead to enjoy open space.    

Please browse our site to see what we offer.

Secure dog exercise field in Salisbury
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